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Vital Stats

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India, China

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Population = 29.8 million People

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Currency = Nepalese Rupee

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Language = Nepali

About Nepal

Nepal is home to the incredible Himalayas, Pashupatinth Temple and many more man-made and natural wonders! For those seeking a real adventure, trekking many of Nepal's beautiful mountain landscapes pose the ultimate challenge. The Himalayas is the largest mountain range in the world! In fact, after Antarctica and Arctic, the Himalayan ranges is home to the third-largest deposit of snow and ice on this planet!


There are many sight-seeing opportunities in Kathmandu with most tourist attractions originating from as early as the 14th Century, even some are 2,000 years old! Durbar Square, the medieval royal palace plaza are must-sees during your stay in Kathmandu. Want to see more? Visit the Garden of Dreams, walk through the Old City or shop at Asan Tole to experience the true hustle and bustle of the City!


Nepal has a mixed culture, originated mostly from the Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. Nepal is one of the must-see countries of the world, and some of the sights and attractions feature on many peoples’ ‘bucket list.’ The chance to immerse yourself in this fascinating and stunning country is not one to pass up, and volunteering with the Nepalese communities while you are there will make the whole experience even more memorable and worthwhile.

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