Peru is home to part of the incredible Amazon Rainforest, Inca Sites such as Machu Picchu and many more natural and man-made wonders! With its stretches of barren desert, lush tropical rain-forests and dramatic mountain scenes, Peru offers a diverse travelling experience.

About Peru

The only country we visit in South America, Peru is a remarkable and truly unique country. While everyone has heard of Machu Picchu, the 15th century Inca citadel located 2,500 metres high in the Andes, you may not know that Peru is home to such variations in terrain as sandy coastal desert, the dense Amazon rainforest, and dramatic mountain peaks. Peru is a diverse experience and a real travellers’ favourite for people who like to do things a little differently. Our Machu Picchu Challenge will guide you through glaciers, the legendary Lake Titicaca, coffee plantations, and remote Inca sites nestled deep in the Andes.

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You’ll experience for yourself the distinctive lifestyle of the Uros people, who live around Lake Titicaca, the largest freshwater lake in South America and highest in the world. You’ll also have the option to get acquainted with some of Peru’s marine life on a tour around the Ballestas Islands, home to sea lions, pelicans, dolphins and whales. Complete your trip with a truly once in a lifetime aerial tour of the Nazca Desert, where a huge series of ancient drawings were etched into the land over 1000 years ago. Hear the mysteries behind their purpose and decide for yourself, while some believe they are ceremonial, others have drawn more extra-terrestrial conclusions!

Not only is Peru’s geography diverse, its society is infused with influence from traditional Indigenous South American culture, Spanish, African and Asian too. This, along with the richness of the Amazon, makes for a great food scene. You won’t go hungry between cutting-edge restaurants, traditional cevicherias, and 4,000 varieties of potato. Home to the pisco sour and a healthy dose of Latin music, Peru’s nightlife is not to be missed.

Despite making great steps in recent years, Peru still sees high levels of cultural, gender, and geographical inequalities. You’ll make an impact on your Challenges Abroad trip in a small town called Urubamba, located in the Sacred Valley high in the Andes, working to address inequalities in health and education for rural communities.

Key Information​

Bordered by : Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador

Population : 33 Million People

Language : Spanish

Currency : Peruvian Sol

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Your Opportunities In Peru

Program Type

Peru: Social Impact in the Community

Programme Type: Global Challenge

Duration: 4 weeks

Location: Peru

Programme Fee: £1,895

Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley

Programme Type: Global Challenge

Duration: 15 days

Location: Peru

Programme Fee: £1,695

Peru: Health and Wellbeing Challenge

Programme Type: Global Challenge

Duration: 4 weeks

Location: Peru

Programme Fee: £1,895

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Short-term programmes to make an impact leading activities in local communities.

Take part in one of our 1-2 Week Global Challenges and embark on an incredible adventure, where you can make a real difference! Learn about international development and make an impact on our long term goals and objectives.

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The FutureSense
Foundation In Peru

Peru is a country of rich heritage, natural and man-made wonders, home to the incredible Amazon Rainforest and Machu Picchu. One of the fastest growing countries in South America, much progress has been made in regards to reducing poverty, yet issues of social discrimination and inequality are still strong and are issues that FutureSense are working to address.
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