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Vital Stats

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Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador

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Population = 32.7 million People

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Currency = Nuevo sol

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Language = Spanish

About Peru

Peru is home to part of the incredible Amazon Rainforest, Inca Sites such as Machu Picchu and many more natural and man-made wonders! With its stretches of barren desert, lush tropical rain-forests and dramatic mountain scenes, Peru offers a diverse travelling experience. Our Machu Picchu Challenge will take you to visit this mystical heritage site passing through glaciers and high Andean lakes, cloudy forests, coffee plantations and remote Inca Sites.  

The floating islands of Lake Titicaca (South America’s second largest lake), inhabited by the Uros people, combines stunning scenery with an insight of a completely different lifestyle. Want to see more? You can also go on a boat tour around the Ballestas Islands to see beautiful marine life, including sea lions, pelicans and even dolphins and whales. Be sure to take an aerial tour of the Nazca Desert to see the intriguing Nazca Lines, a series of ancient lines and ‘drawings’ believed to have originated between 400 and 650 AD.

Peru has a rich cultural and geographic diversity, with traditional indigenous South American culture, infused with Spanish, African and Asian influences. Peru is one of the must-see countries of the world, and some of the sights and attractions feature on many peoples’ ‘bucket list.’ The chance to immerse yourself in this fascinating, stunning and culturally rich country is not one to pass up, and volunteering with the Peruvian communities while you are there will make the whole experience even more memorable and worthwhile.

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