Join us on our incredible fundraising challenge through the Nordic national parks.

About Finland

Our challenges in Finland are unlike anything else we do at Challenges Abroad. The happiest country in the world for five years running, its natural beauty is unrivalled from the fjords to the northern lights. Helsinki, Finland’s capital city, is in the south of the country and is a lively and modern place to explore Nordic architecture, quirky vintage shops, distinct food and drink, all a stone’s throw from nature trails and the coast. Keeping active is a way of life here, with Finns cycling more than most countries in the world. Helsinki is covered in safe, well-maintained cycle paths and is easy to navigate on foot, bike, or public transport.

Kayak overlooking a sunset on the lake - Challenges Abroad

Travelling further north is where you’ll really immerse yourself in Nordic relaxation and nature thrills. Finns know how to make the most of the natural beauty around them, and it’s easy to understand why when you try your hand at it too.

A little cabin surrounded by evergreen forest, on the banks of a tranquil lake is the perfect base for paddle boarding, fishing, ice swimming, and kayaking. With Challenges Abroad, we like to take things to the next level. Our Wilderness Challenge will have you facing the unknown as your team embarks on a 50km trek across land and lakes through beautiful national parks.

As a group, you’ll support each other to make camp and test your survival skills each day. Our trained guides are full of interesting folk tales and local knowledge, and will work with you to use your own initiative and build your leadership skills. This experience is designed to push you, but we’ll celebrate your achievements with a BBQ at the end!

This experience is ideal for those of you who want to get out and do something, and make a change in yourself in how you approach challenges. You’ll grow as a person, and develop lifelong skills and make deep friendships along the way, all in a stunning natural setting.

Key Information​

Bordered by : Norway, Sweden and Russia

Population : 5.5 Million People

Language : Finnish

Currency : Euro

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Call us on +44 (0) 1635 88 93 93 to speak with one of our team and join our community of Global Citizens

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