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Vital Stats

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Bordered by
Thailand, Laos, Vietnam

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Population = 16 million People

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Currency = Cambodian Riel

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Language = Khmer

About Cambodia

Cambodia is home to the incredible Angkor Wat, Kulen Waterfall and many more man-made and Natural wonders! With its bustling cities, vibrant nightlife and rich history, Cambodia offers a diverse travelling experience. Siem Reap is the tourist centre of Cambodia, mostly due to Angkor Wat as it's the largest religious monument in the world! The coast of Cambodia is also home to stretches of untouched coastline, picture-perfect tropical islands and bright white sand matched with a turquoise ocean.

The floating village near Siem Reap will be a completely new and insightful experience that should be a must see whilst in Cambodia! Want to see more? You can also visit the Bat Caves in Battambang, see the Ponleu Selpak Circus and ride the Bamboo train. Be sure to also visit Pub Street in Siem Reap, where the party continues around the clock!

Cambodia has a rich culture, mostly influenced by the Khmer culture and belief system, influenced by Buddhism and Hinduism. Cambodia is one of the must-see countries of the world, and some of the sights and attractions feature on many peoples’ ‘bucket list.’ The chance to immerse yourself in this fascinating, stunning and culturally rich country is not one to pass up, and volunteering with the Cambodian communities while you are there will make the whole experience even more memorable and worthwhile.

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