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Take part on one of our adventure challenges! You could be trekking to Machu Picchu or exploring the Amazon Rainforest in Peru or undertaking the Nohru Pass trek in the Himalayas. We have a variety of opportunities for those seeking adventure! The physical challenge will be completely worth it once you witness amazing views and breathtaking scenery!

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Take part on a community challenge working alongside our partner schools and leave both a lasting impression on the communities and on yourself! You will be helping to improve the lives of the local communities by sharing your own knowledge and skills! There is also the opportunity to get hands on and help long term renovation projects.

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Studying education or interested in being a teacher? Join one of our international education programmes to help improve children’s conversational English by teaching a variety of topics and skills. This is the perfect opportunity to volunteer overseas within a school environment teaching whilst working with local children and making education fun.

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Our environment-focused volunteer challenges are directly linked to UN Sustainable Development Goals 13 & 15: 'Climate Action' and 'Life on Land'. As an international environmental volunteer, you'll get to help local communities overseas develop and implement sustainable practices that not only benefit them, but the environment as well!

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Health care challenges address the increasing health disparities among children and adolescents of marginalised communities. As health science, allied health, or medicine students you will be able to use your skills to work on real public health initiatives overseas that improve community health, whilst also gaining a first-hand understanding of the challenges that the health systems in our partner communities face.

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This is a programme that will also give you the opportunity to develop your own media skills in a meaningful and impactful way. You will inspire a curious audience through teaching and facilitating creative and exciting projects. The positive effects of this unique and meaningful programme will be immediately evident during your stay in-country whilst witnessing the children grow in confidence learning the skills you teach.

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Creative Arts

Share your creative arts skills with the children at our partner schools. Communicate, inspire and engage with young learners to develop their artistic abilities and give them the stage to express themselves. This programme will also give you the opportunity to develop your own skills in creative arts in a meaningful and impactful way.

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Do something a little bit different with your Summer and take part on one of our 10 week internships. You will be working with our in country teams to support volunteer groups and work on your own international development project.

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Self-Funded Challenges

We know that fundraising isn't for everyone, so if you're short on time, or too busy to join a fundraising challenge, you can still get involved through our self-funded challenges.