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Our Global Mobility programmes for the Turing scheme for University Global Offices and Faculties are designed to help students develop new skills through an international experience on a global platform. These opportunities will help students who may not have previously been able to participate in such overseas trips, experience and understand different cultures and communities. This will help them be better global citizens and contribute to Global Britain in a meaningful way.


The global mobility programmes for Turing are:


  1. Available for short or medium term mobility options
  2. All community based
  3. All aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  4. Ensures all participants are more globally and culturally engaged
  5. Structured with clear deliverables that would relate to specific course
  6. Short and medium term and can be tailored to fit course requirements


The Turing programme will ensure participants:


  1. Learn and grow while on an international programme
  2. Are given opportunities that they would otherwise not have access to
  3. Experience different cultures and interact with local communities
  4. Gain an understanding of world issues and challenges in a global economy
  5. Learn leadership skills


Pre departure and In-country support:


  1. Pre-departure and and full programme briefing
  2. Airport pick ups and drops offs
  3. In country transport
  4. 24/7 in country support
  5. All accommodation
  6. Dedicated team leader and staff