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Plan of Action


Hey Guys!

Are you making your way through your Futuresense Foundation fundraising but find yourself getting stuck and not sure where to go? I’m gonna chat a little about how to put your fundraising plans into place and hit the ground running!

Firstly, if you’ve already got your idea, that’s great! If you haven’t, don’t worry – there are soooo many options out there for you to choose! Start by thinking outside of the box, find something new and original that people haven’t seen or done before – this is a great tactic to maximise engagement in your event – people love new and exciting things! For more ideas of what you could do, check out the ‘New Year, New Ideas’ blog!!

Once you’ve got your idea, plan plan plan… Make sure you know all the details of your event and have all the support you need on board. Look to your local community, your family and friends and other participants for the support you need. Many local shops/businesses are often willing to helping fundraisers, whether it be with a raffle prize, donation or opportunity – take anything you can! Family and friends will be an essential part of your journey, use their resources (and love) to help you reach out to an even wider audience. Make up posters, sponsor forms and social media posts and get them to share them within their community/friends/workplaces. As for other participants, you’re all in the same boat so why not help each other out? Not necessarily doing every fundraiser together but you could brainstorm some ideas together, even all hold the same fundraiser but amongst different areas/groups of people!

As soon as you have established your plan and support, then you’re good to get it up on its feet and start advertising! THIS is where social media becomes your best friend, it’s the perfect platform to advertise and show everyone what you’re up to, allowing them to follow your progress and get involved along the way. It’s also the perfect place to keep sharing your Virgin Money Giving page, tell people about the work the charity do and how you’re going to get involved.

Most importantly, have fun with your events and make the most out of them. Have faith in your ideas and remember it is still a success no matter how much money you raise, every little counts!

Good luck!