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New Year, New Ideas


Hey Guys!

Wooo its 2020! The start of a new year is always a super exciting prospect, it usually means we have officially reached the year that you’re gonna head out on your trip! It can also be a bit scary… meaning your trip is now really close and your fundraising deadlines are imminent – but… don’t worry! You got this! The New Year is the perfect opportunity to roll out some new fundraising ideas and have fun with it!

Things like cake sales and quiz nights are always great, usually quite popular and will always raise you a good amount of money! If things aren’t broken you don’t need to fix them, maybe just refresh them a little, why not add a theme to yours? You could do a fancy dress quiz night or introduce another fundraiser/raffle at the same time! Try and find already busy places to do these, then you’ve got your captive audience ready and raring to go!

Sponsored events are always great fun because you can have a great build up to it and get others involved too! Why not get a group of friends together and all do a sponsored event, that way you can get your friends to get sponsors from their family and friends too – meaning you’ll reach a much bigger audience. However, you’ll have to think of something interesting and original, things like sponsored silences don’t quite cut it! You could also get your uni involved too, maybe borrow some sports equipment or hire a common space to complete it in!

Online fundraisers are definitely the new big thing, and I’m not surprised – they’re so easy! It means people can get involved, and help you, from the comfort of their own home! Why not run a raffle or a competition across your social media, sell tickets for a pound or two and you’re sure to get other students on board! If you’re going to do a raffle contact local shops and businesses and see if they’re able to donate any prizes, this will save on your costs and may also encourage more people to get involved!

Finally, if you’re worried about time and fear that you haven’t got enough to come up with your own fundraiser, plan it and execute it do not stress! There are so many already organised events going on all the time across the country, simply sign up and get a sponsor form and go along and take part in someone else’s event! These are great because there’s such a huge range, everything from marathons, colour runs, 24hour challenges and so much more. These are awesome to do as a group too, gather some fellow participants and get a sponsor form each – all do the same event but get separate sponsors… perfect!

There’s plenty of options, take your pick and do what works best for you! Just remember, the more original the idea is the more impressed people will be! Good luck!