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Have you decided to join one of our volunteering trips? Well, the fun doesn’t stop there! To make your trip all the more memorable, why don’t you add on an extension trip?

Our extension trips allow you to stay and explore more of the destination you are volunteering in. You won’t be able to get enough of India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Peru or Tanzania, so why leave so soon?



We offer extension trips in all of our challenge destinations. We don’t think that this experience comes down to just volunteering – it’s about immersing yourself in the culture and discovering a different way of life. Our extension trips give you that opportunity to stay an extra few days or a week to be able to explore more of the country.

It’s so important for us to deepen our understandings of other cultures. With an extension trip, it is all the more beneficial because you have already spent two weeks working closely with locals. Once you head out and explore more of the country, you will gain such an in-depth perspective of their culture and people. It will be all the more meaningful after you have completed your challenge.



You can join our extension trip for and spend a week in the mystical Amazon rainforest. You'll visit the Wayquecha and Villa Carmen biological stations, based in the most protected environmental area in South America and home to some of the rarest ecosystems on the planet! Trekking through the jungle, you'll walk through waterfalls, spot incredible native animals and see myriads of interesting jungle plants. Near the end of the week you'll visit the Santa Rosa de Huacaria community to learn how native tribes have managed to keep their traditional customs to survive in the jungle, even trying out a few of them yourself.

This extension trip is all about the environment and going deep into the Amazon. Learning about traditional customs with the Indigenous people and learning how to create indigenous bow and arrows is an unforgettable experience that is unique to this trip. You will finish the extension with a night in Cusco to see the bustling UNESCO World Heritage City.



You can join our extension trip where you’ll embark on the epic 5-day Poon Hill trek! Beginning in Pokhara, you'll have an afternoon to stroll around the lakeside city before getting ready to start your trek the following day. You'll pass through picturesque mountain villages, lush forests and small streams as you make your way to the Poon Hill summit - 3200m above sea level. The Poon Hill lookout has the most incredible panoramic views of the Annapurna ranges that you'll be lucky enough to see at sunrise before beginning your descent, fresh on the knowledge you just trekked into the highest mountain range in the world!

You will be able to swim in the river in Nayapool along your trek and visit many traditional Nepalese towns. Finally, you’ll end up in Kathmandu on your last day with a chance to explore the city before you fly home the following day.



You can join our African Safari extension trip and explore the wonders of the Serengeti. You'll visit both the Tarangire and Manyara national parks where you'll be able to see over 100 species of birdlife, tigers, cheetahs, elephants, zebras, giraffes and more! In the Ngorongoro Crater you'll get to go on a guided tour and be a bystander to the 30,000 animals of the Ngorongo Conservation Area. At the end of the trip you'll have time to explore the beautiful Arusha National Park while taking in the awesome views of Mt Kilimanjaro.

You’ll go outdoorsy on this extension trip, canoeing, animal spotting and mountain hiking. The opportunity to see rare Black Rhinos is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that cannot be missed!



You can join our extension trip and spend a week on the most spectacular tour of India! You'll begin by heading to Amristar where you'll visit the Golden Temple and watch the famous lowering of the flags ceremony at the Wagah Border. Next up is Agra where you'll spend time exploring the Red Fort, local markets and the one and only Taj Mahal! Your final destination will be Delhi where you'll visit the Old and New cities and have plenty of time to do you own exploring before catching your flight home.

On this trip, you will be visiting market after market after market to really get a sense of India’s magnificent handcrafts and creations.



You can join our extension trip where you’ll spend a week on the beautiful island of Koh Samui! You will begin by having a free day to chill out on the beach and explore the local area- a chance to top up the tan and have a world deserved rest! You will be able to go island hopping between Koh Nangyuan and Muang Bay with the chance to do some snorkelling, do some souvenir shopping and check out local market stalls. As well as an island day tour, you will visit Koh Wau Ta Lap island where you will be able to climb up to an incredible viewpoint to see a panoramic view of the surrounding 42 islands! You'll end your day visiting a blue lagoon to enjoy more swimming and snorkelling! 

Make the most of both exploring, relaxing and soaking up the culture on this extension trip because Thailand has the best of all three! This trip is an eclectic mix of exploring caves, markets, swimming, relaxing and learning some history of Northern Thailand.


All in all, we offer our extension trips so that you can truly get a sense for the culture and history of the challenge destination. Your travels aren’t all about volunteering, it is also about really getting to know the country and the people you are visiting. The more knowledge you can gain, the more you can truly get out of your experience with Challenges Abroad.


Don’t end your trip too soon! Stay on with some of your newfound friends from the trip and really take in the sights of your challenge destination. All of these countries have so much to offer, and it would be a real shame to miss out on it.