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Don’t Panic!!!!

Hey there!

Are you thinking of getting involved with us? Fundraising for FutureSense Foundation and taking on a once in a lifetime opportunity in one! Honestly, if you’re questioning it… don’t! Just go ahead and do it and don’t let the fundraising put you off!

I know that may seem easier said than done when your current fundraising target seems so far away, but when you break it down it becomes so much more achievable and definitely shouldn’t be the thing to turn you away. Not only will fundraising for your trip massively help the charity, it’ll also:

  • Develop vital life skills
  • Build your CV
  • Heighten your appreciation for the trip
  • Challenge you
  • Andddd be super fun!

The fundraising part of the trip is just as important as the trip itself, the money that you raise will literally help fund the work that you do in country, as well as the work that the charity will continue to do in future years. This means that it will also allow other people in your community to get involved in helping the charity and make a global impact.

Challenges Abroad will support you through your whole fundraising journey, as well as your fellow participants who are in the same position – meaning you’ll never be alone!

Once you’ve broken the total down, you’ll be aiming for a couple of hundred £s a month – which is extremely reasonable when you consider the generosity of people and the nature of your venture – simply a few well-thought out and successful fundraisers and you’ll be well on your way!

There are so many small, super easy fundraisers that you can do which will soon boost your total and not cause you too much stress. Online fundraisers are the new craze because you can do them from the comfort of your own home. But nothing beats getting out and amongst other people around your university campus and spreading the word of the great work you’re doing. Despite it being a personal challenge, you will always have the support from your family and friends too who, I’m sure will help you with coming up with ideas and executing them – as well as spreading the word to even more people.

The baseline of this being – don’t be scared of the fundraising, and certainly don’t let it put you off, it’s a challenging but rewarding journey and it will teach you so much along the way!

Good Luck!