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There’s always something new each day of the Community Challenge and lots to look forward to during the week. Between the lessons, renovations and free time, every day is full to the brim with exciting activities and opportunities!


In the morning you will either be walking, riding in a tuk-tuk or taking a taxi to school after a wholesome breakfast at the volunteer house. If you’re close to town then you also have the choice to get up early and find breakfast at a local restaurant!

When you get to school, you'll jump straight into teaching your workshops. Depending on the specific focus of your challenge, you could be teaching conversational English, Life Skills, STEM lessons that promote problem-solving, creative thinking and team building skills. You could be teaching just one class for the morning, or you might fit in a few different classes before lunch.

Even if the kids struggle with the workshops you're teaching, the encouragement from you and other volunteers will help them be more enthusiastic to learn and in the long-term, inspire them to stay in school. It's also a chance for local teachers to experience different teaching methods and learn how to engage the kids in new ways of learning.


In most of our locations you'll have a break in the middle of the day for lunch. Depending on where you are, you'll either have a delicious packed lunch at school or you'll head back to the volunteer accommodation or a local cafe for a delicious home cooked meal before heading back to school. If you're volunteering in Peru you'll do all your volunteering hours in the morning before finishing for the day at lunch time. This gives you lots of time in the afternoon to plan your workshops and explore the Sacred Valley! 


Our Infrastructure and Classroom Enhancement Programme focuses on improving or creating new structures for the betterment of the community. You may be creating a brand new structure for the community or renovating a space to be safer - think painting educational murals, creating community gardens, installing hand-washing stations or putting libraries together!


When you come back from school in the afternoon, the rest of your day is free to visit local hot spots, get on top of your lesson plans or relax at the volunteer housing. If you're volunteering in Thailand, you can head to the river after school to relax or visit one of the many great bars and restaurants for a more picturesque setting to do your lesson planning! 

In Cambodia, the volunteer house is very close to town, especially if you have rented a bike for the two weeks you are there! You can ride your bike and explore Battambang, get an amazing iced-coffee in town or eat at the White Rose restaurant.

In Nepal, you can head out on walks and explore Kathmandu Valley. Luckily, no matter which direction you choose to walk in you're bound to find gorgeous views. Near the volunteer house there is a lookout which has our very own “Lion King Rock”! It’s a fun photo opportunity to act out the scene from the movie if you’re a fan of The Lion King, or if you’re looking for some entertaining social media content while you’re away! 


The volunteer housing has shared rooms which allows for some great memories to be made and many laughs! As long as you have all allocated your own space and make sure you’re keeping tidy, then you won’t have any problems sharing a room with others. Make an effort to get yo know the other volunteers in your room, this way you will learn from each other and make the most of your time overseas. Working as a team helps to put your best foot forward and allows you to work to the best of your abilities when it comes to teaching and the building program!


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